Why I love being a Catholic - Matthew Kelly

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Why I love being a Catholic - Matthew Kelly

As Matthew Kelly reflected on his twenty-five years of speaking and writing, he realized that his biggest inspiration continues to come from the many faithful individuals who support the mission of Dynamic Catholic. He decided to send an email to all of these Ambassadors, asking for their answers to three questions:

Why do you love being Catholic?

What is your favorite memory as a Catholic?

As a Catholic, what are your hopes for the future?

The response was overwhelming.

Why I Love Being Catholic is the result of that rallying call. Compiled from thousands of answers, this collection of insights, stories, hopes, and dreams is both inspirational and motivational.

The authors are people just like you they've laughed, cried, suffered, and celebrated their way through all the ups and downs of life. Some have been Catholic all their lives; others have taken a longer route home. All, however, can speak to the amazing gift that the Catholic faith has been in their lives.

These days, it's challenging to be a Catholic. The collection of entries in Why I Love Being Catholic celebrates the best of the Catholic faith, highlights the everyday miracles taking place all around us, and reminds us that there are thousands of everyday heroes out there who dare to have big dreams for the Church. Even amidst the challenges of our times, holiness is possible, grace abounds, and there is every reason to live our lives with hope!