Terror by Night - Hope Shining in Dark places - David Walker

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Terror by Night - Hope Shining in Dark places - David Walker

Story of Depression

262 pages - paperback

21cm x 14.5cm

"This is a story of depression. It has grown out of the author's experience of clinical depression, and focuses on this in an attempt to bring hope to people especially Christian people, who struggle with this problem. In so doing it gives expression to the author's journey of faith, reflected most obviously in his movement from being a Baptist pastor to becoming an Anglican priest. Part of the story relates to movement towards social justice. Thus the story reflects a convergence of concerns for social justice and emotional wholeness."

"The book is structured around reflections on biblical passages gathered under the topic of hope. These do not stand alone, but weaving through them is a human story of struggle with depression, set in the larger story of a journey of faith. The book's unique character is its combination of biblical exposition with autobiographical reflections on depression. It is from a position of vulnerability - yet where significant healing has taken place - that the author makes an offering of hope."

"The book has a strong pastoral component in that it seeks unequivocally to offer hope to those who like David Walker himself, know what it is to suffer from depression... With openness and humility he tells his tale. It is one in which the awfulness of 'terror by night' has been known. It is also one in which a profound hope and trust in God has been found, even in the darkest of places. This is a book about authentic hope rather than an easy certainty." 
Bishop Michael Nuttall