St Francis of Assisi - A biography

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St Francis of Assisi - A biography


Author: Omer Englebert

     Reviewers have judged St. Francis of Assisi: A Biography to be that rarity among books about Saints: a popular work of inspiring spiritual reading which is also an acclaimed work of modern scholarship.  With spiritual insight and careful historical judgment, Omer Englebert blends the many facets of St. Francis' personality into a portrait of a saint who can inspire men and women today. __________________

"If one were to read only one book on this saint, I would recommend this one." 

-Judith Tydings; author of A Gathering of People

"An ideal biography and a book of refreshing spiritual reading....A definitive biography of St. Francis which can hardly be surpassed.

-Paul Dent, S.J.; Review for Religious

"No library should be without this book."  

-Church History

"This is a book to make one's heart leap."

-Ray C. Petry; Duke Divinity School Review