Paintings & Art

Artist  Jean Jonquiere 

"Our path in terms of art reflecting mankind has come full circle , back to ancient times where painter and priest were seen as one. Literal mediators of things that cannot be seen in times of uncertainty to remind that there are ethereal things at play" _Zhoozsh 

A newfound purpose and enlightenment to the intangible nature of art , tempered by years of self destruction and addiction , has left me able to wander past limitations set by conscious programming. A spacious , colorful vessel blissfully invoking visitations from things not entirely real and unfathomably abstract. My art knows no leash , im a bird with a new anchor. From tea leaves to candle smoke.My style is in the divine act of creation. I swear new allegiance to the flag of Christianity ( raised catholic) as its dragged me off floors and given me wings , but there are many friendly flags that fly alongside . Im chasing things noone can see, and have earned my license to be a blissfully weird. I aim to help others in many more ways than pretty pictures. Radiate and present the true power of an eternal God.  “The only difference between me and a madman is I'm not mad.”  Salvador Dalí.  

facebook and instagram : @zhoozsh  


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