Mother Teresa of Calcutta's - Job's Tears Rosary

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Mother Teresa of Calcutta's - Job's Tears Rosary

Stunning Rosary

Known for her simplicity and humility, Mother Teresa of Calcutta used a rosary made of Job’s Tears for her personal prayers. The term Job’s Tears refers to a tear drop shaped fruit of the plant known by botanists as Coix lacryma-job. This natural element is a perfect choice for jewelry and rosary makers because it has a hard shiny coat and a hole at the tip that makes it easy to string for necklaces, bracelets, and rosaries. Research indicates that Job’s Tears have been used in jewelry since 3000 B.C.

According to legend, the name Job’s Tears was given to this fruit in memory of the many tears shed by Job in the Old Testament writings.

While many rosaries of beautiful beads have been made to honor Mother Teresa, she carried a very simple rosary made of Job’s Tears.   Mother Teresa and the sisters of her order chose to make rosaries with  Job’s Tears.

In the Book of Job, we learn that even at the hand of God, suffering and loss are not experiences earned, nor are they evenly distributed. As we listen to Job's pleading, his weeping to the Lord, we see that even the virtuous are susceptible to indescribable pain. 

But of course, this is not how Job's story ends. In a resounding message of humility and perseverance, we are told that Job is rewarded twofold for his relentless faith, his refusal to despair. 

According to legend, so that his suffering might not be wasted, Job's many many tears filled the soil on which he sat. Where they fell to the ground, tall grasses sprouted up towards the sky. And hanging from each blade were tiny white seeds, Job's tears reincarnated.