Compassion - Anointing Oil

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"Compassion" - Anointing Oil

Compassion is a blend of aromatic oils that contain several of the Scripture oils.

Qualities of Essential Oils in Compassion Essential

Oil Blend

Melissa- an uplifting, lemon scented, natural anti- depressant
Vetiver- grounding, enhancing spiritual stability
Rosewood- helps to make room for compassion and grace
Sage- a smudge or cleanser of old energy and entities; enabling forgiveness to take place
Frankincense- aids psychological insight and healing; helps in understanding self and others
Sandalwood- enhances spirituality, opens the 3rd eye / pineal gland to see events and people spiritually, enhancing understanding and forgiveness
Lavender- Energy balancer
Rose- increases Divine love
Lemon- cleanses energy

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