EWTN - Mother Angelica - Our Hermitage & In His Sandals (Two DVD in one)

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EWTN - DVD - Our Hermitage & In His Sandals (Two in one) 

Mother Angelica

'Before founding the Eternal Word Television Netword, Mother Angelica appeared on and hosted programs on both local and national television networks.  In Our Hermitage (3 parts) & In his Sandals (3 parts) EWTN Home Video brings you a sampling of these vintage classics.  In both programs, Mother Angelica uses her Unique spiritual genious to crack open the mysteries of the Bible.  Her practical insight into daily Christian living is awe-inspiring.  Take for example this little zinger - "There is no power on this earth as great as our God Is Powerful.  There is no situation on this earth that He cannot solve."  

2 disc set - approximately 3 hours