Every Prophecy about Jesus - John F Walvoord

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Every Prophecy about Jesus - John F Walvoord

Considered by many to be the world’s foremost authority on biblical prophecy, Dr. John F. Walvoord devoted much of his time and scholarship to interpreting the Bible’s predictions about Jesus. From Jesus’s birth, to His death and resurrection, to His return to earth, every prophecy about Christ in the Bible is relevant to us today.

Now for the first time, these prophecies and interpretations are available by themselves in one book. This ultimate guide to messianic prophecy explores:

•        The historical background for every prophecy about Christ throughout the Bible

•        How and when Christ will return to earth

•        What today’s events in the Middle East have to do with Jesus’s life and purpose

•        How all the prophecies about Jesus influence and confirm one another

•        Why we can interpret biblical prophecies literally and why they matter to us today

Understanding biblical predictions about Christ is crucial to the church, our awareness of world events, and our personal faith in a God who keeps His promises.

About the Author

During his sixty years as an author, teacher, and educator, Dr. John F. Walvoord articulated a comprehensive view of biblical prophecy. He served Dallas Theological Seminary for over half a century as faculty member, president, and chancellor. He continued to teach until a few weeks before his death in 2002.

Paperback - 207 pages 

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