DVD - The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

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DVD - The Miracle  of Our Lady of Fatima

A reverent exposition of the famous appearance by the Virgin Mary to a trio of Catholic children in Fatima, Portugal. The three encounter a vision of the Holy Mother, who promises them that she will soon return. The Catholic Church, fearful that the story will not be believed, tries to hush things up. But the children have been promised a miracle that will make all believe.

Gilbert Roland (Actor), Angela Clarke (Actor), John Brahm (Director)

THE STORY THAT TOUCHED THE HEARTS OF UNTOLD MILLIONS Each year Christian believers from around the world throng the Portugese village of Fatima. Here they worship God - and remember the children who first heralded THE MIRACLE OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA. This much-loved movie thoughtfully recreates the 1917 events that brought hope and new religious fervor to a war ravaged world. Three peasant youths see a vision: a woman in a cloud of light offering words of faith and prophecy. They face skepticism and torture - but are soon embraced by faithful masses drawn by the promise of a miracle.

Director John Brahm skillfully balances simplicity and spectacle, all powerfully supported by Max Steiner's Oscar nominated score.

As the New York Journal-American observed, the movie "lights up the screen like a ray of sunshine." INCLUDES THEATRICAL TRAILER/LANGUAGES-ENGLISH & FRANCAIS/ SUBTITLES ENGLISH, FRANCAIS & ESPANOL NOT RATED/RUNNING TIME 102 MINUTES