DVD - Lazarus Lives

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DVD - Lazarus Lives

Impact DVD - running time 47 minutes

A multi-million dollar investment brings you these wonderfully animated videos in The Animated Stories from the New Testament Series which helps educators and students develop a deeper understanding of Christianity.

The relationship between Jewish Messianic prophecies and the foundation of Christianity is presented through the life, miracles and parable teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Core Christian beliefs such as salvation, prayer, Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and ultimate return are also brought to life in these compelling animated stories. And of course the DVDs sensitively present Jesus’ crucifixion, and bring to life His joyous, resurrection, ascension and His ultimate return.

Mortal’s greatest fear is the fear of death. The story of Lazarus Lives gives assurance that Jesus has all the power over death. This is miraculously shown when the Master calls and Lazarus comes forth after lying dead in the tomb for four days. When Jesus comes to Bethany to meet Lazarus, sister, Martha and Mary, He doesn,t perform this intense personal miracle immediately. First, He mourns with them and His friends witness the deep love He has for His friends. Martha and Mary’s tears of sorrow are changed instantly to joy when their brother Lazarus, life is restored and they receive Jesus, promise of eternal life.