Baldachin - Canopy - JHS Rose Design -160cm x 250cm

SKU: KBA/005c

Baldachin - Canopy  - JHS Rose Design -160cm x 250cm

3 different sizes -

  1. 130cm x 160cm
  2. 160cm x 200cm
  3. 160cm x 250cm

Canopy is embroidered on 4 sides.  The sky - the symbol of the Holy Spirit.  The version without stiffening of the canopy is equiped with special design of tunnels for extra rods, to make each and every side of the canopy stiffer.  Stain resistant material  100% polyester.

Please note that this Canopy is made on order and is imported directly from Poland.  Prices are an approximate.  Much is dependant on the ZAR / Euro exchange rate.  We will give you a exact pricing on order, or, alternatively you may email us for a quote -

Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for the item to be made and couriered through to South Africa.

Flagstaff in two colours (dark or light wood) - R15,500 - should you wish the poles (flagstaff)

Stiffening of the canopy - R4,712 - please add on.

Mettalic fringe - R7,208 - should you wish a mettalic fringe.