Anglican Rosary - Wooden - Olive wood and Cream Beads

SKU: Sros305

Anglican Rosary - Wooden - Olive wood and Cream Beads

Stunning Rosary.  

We used 7mm Olive wood woodenl beads.  Between each golden brown bead is a 2mm flat disc cream wooden bead. The Crucifix is Olive wood and measures 4cm.  The Cruciform beads are 12mm large Cream wooden beads. 

Our Speciality rosarys and chaplets are handmade in South Africa. We take care to ensure that these rosaries are UNIQUE in design.  Therefore we only have one listed rosary under our special rosaries, and usually a limited edition of our Chaplet design.  We also take pride in using good quality beads, chain, pins, center pieces and crucifix's. We make to order to your specific needs and requests.

Truly amazing effect.  

Prayer sheet included

22cm in length


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