Abba Anointing Oil

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Abba Anointing Oil

10ml glass bottle

Abba - Hyssop Anointing Oil

About Anointing Blend Hyssop

This shrub decorates the Mediterranean area, is about 60 cm (2 feet) high and is very attractive to bees. The name Hyssopus was used by Hippocrates and was derived from the Hebrew word 'ezob' which means 'holy herb'. It is mentioned in the Old Testament, where the herb was used for purification, yet the reference could also possibly refer to Origanum syriacum.

It has a woody, hairy stem, small lance-shaped green leaves and purple-blue flowers and was well known in ancient times, and was referred to in the Bible for its cleansing effect in connection with plague, leprosy and chest ailments.

It was also used for purifying sacred places and as a strewing herb in the Middle Ages, to ward off lice, while the Benedictine monks introduced it to Europe in the 10th century as an ingredient for liqueurs.

This blend must be consecrated (prayed over and blessed) to be used for cleansing and purification of people, furnishings and places.

Biblical passages of interest: Psalm 51:7, Numbers 19:18 and John 19:29

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