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With all my Heart - Forty ways to pray Lent

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With all my Heart - Forty ways to pray Lent

by Joyce Rupp

10 x 14cm

When I was young, I was taught that "prayer is talking to God."  Since then I have learned that to pray is to develop a relationship with God.  Thereare many way to encourage, sustain, and enhance a relationship.  We can pray in spoken words or silence, with our actions or in our quiet receptivity, by singing or with physical gestures..

When we pray we bring our whole self to God.  No part of our life is left out.  Some of the sugestions in this booklet may not seem like "prayer", but if you look closely, each one is a sourceof being more intimately involved, united with God.

Prayer involves a place, posture, time and intention. Choose your lenten prayer place.  Decide ona posture for each day (whether standing, sitting, kneeling, etc.)  Settle on a time each day.  Finally, before each day's prayer, renew the intention of growing in your relationship with God.



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