Wedding Candle - PX Rings

R 319,00

Wedding Candle - Two Rings PX -

A very striking Wedding pillar  Candle. 

Measures 250 x 70 mm .  - Boxed
Made in South Africa
Please note that our candles are made on order.  There may be a 3 day lead time.



The Chi-Rho symbol.

A fourth-century sarcophagus, probably from the Catacombs of Domitilla, with sculpted scenes representing the passion, illustrates the way the early Christians told the story of the passion. In the central panel there is a cross surmounted by the Chi-Rho (the first letters of “Christ” in Greek) encircled with a victor’s laurel crown. This is a symbol that encompasses Christ’s death and resurrection. The cross inherently symbolized suffering and death, but here the cross is depicted as a victorious trophy of Christ’s conquest of sin and death. The kneeling soldiers were typically shown at the empty tomb.

The two panels on the right show Jesus before Pilate. The two panels on the left show, first, a Roman soldier crowning Jesus, not with thorns, but with laurel; the other, Simon carrying the cross. In early Christian art, the cross, sometimes with the Chi-Rho monogram, sometimes with a bust of Christ, expressed the death and resurrection of Jesus. In scripture and the preaching of the Fathers of the Church, the cross, which is the sign of Jesus’ death, is also the sign of his victory over death.

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