The Passion of Christ DVD - A Mel Gibson Film

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The Passion of Christ DVD - A Mel Gibson Film

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From Academy Award-winning director Mel Gibson comes a profound story of courage and sacrifice. The Passion Of The Christ is a triumphant and uncompromising story depicting the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus Christ.

Sometime around the year AD.30, in the Roman provinceof Palestine, an obsure Jewish carpenter named Jesus of Nazareth began to teach publicly and to proclaim the coming of a "Kingdom of God" For centuries, the Jewish people had expected the appearance of a promised deliverer known as the Messiah - a figure who would restore their ancient dignity, and free their sacred homeland from all evil and despair.  In the minds of many, Jesus appeared to be this Messiah. Surrounded by a core group of twelve disciples, Jesus began to attract a massive following from among the common people of  Galilee and Judea, who eventually praised him as their Messiah and King.  However; Jesus also had many enemies in Jerusalem.  The Sanhedrin, a governing senate composed of the leading Jewish priests and Parisees, conspired to put Jesus  to death.  With the aid of Judas Iscariot, a member of Jesus' own inner circle, the Sanhedrin succeeded in arresting Jesus, handing him over to the Roman secular authorities on unsubstantiated charges of treason against Rome.  Although Jesus consistently maintained that his Kingdom was a heavenly and spiritual one, the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate, faced with the possiblity of a riot, ordered that Jesus be taken outside the city and crucified as a common criminal.