Swarovski Silver Plated Rosary

R 1 820,00

Swarovski Silver Plated Rosary

This is a very special rosary.  It has been made for a very special Mother. 
It includes her Birthday stone which is a September - clear Sapphire (we used a crystal AB swarovski 6mm faceted stone) - white crystal symbolises Purity.
Then her husband is the January - garnet red swarovski - red symbolising action, confidence, courage and vitality.
Then her son - also September - blue Sapphire (we used a blue crystal swarovski 6mm faceted stone) - symbolising youth, spirituality, truth and peace.
Then her daughter - also September - yellow Sapphire (we used a yellow crystal swarovski 6mm faceted stone) - symbolising wisdom, joy, happiness and intellectual energy.

The centre piece reflects the Holy Family & the Holy Spirit.
Presented with ONE OF A KIND speciality card in a little box.

You can commission a rosary to meet your own needs, made from Swarovski crystals.

This rosary is made on order. 

Please email us your requirements on info@catholicshop.co.za