Stations of the Cross Chaplet - Turquoise


Stations of the Cross Chaplet - Turquoise

Beautiful chaplet made with turquoise semi precious stones.  The stones are irregular shapes, which denotes the rough walk Jesus had carrying his cross. Each stone is flanked oneither side with a turquoise coloured glass seed bead.

Chaplet is 85cm in length

A simple pamphlet is included on how to recite the chaplet.


Stations of the Cross Devotional Medal parts set. These beautifully detailed medals are all made in Italy and silver oxidized. While each of the 14 medals is slightly different in size and shape to match the individual station, most of the pieces are approximately 2,5cm or 7/8 to 1 inch in height. The back of each medal is engraved with the Roman Numeral corresponding to each station. 
The 14 Stations of the Cross are as follows:
1. Jesus is condemned by Pilate
2. Jesus takes up his Cross
3. Jesus falls the first time
4. Jesus meets his Mother
5. Simon helps Jesus carry his Cross
6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
7. Jesus falls the second time
8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
9. Jesus falls the third time
10. Jesus is stripped of his garments
11. Jesus is nailed to the Cross
12. Jesus dies on the Cross
13. Jesus is taken down from the Cross
14. Jesus is laid in the tomb.


Stations of the Cross Crucifix

This detailed Stations of the Cross crucifix medal measures 4.05 cm (1-5/8 inches) in height.  Silver oxidized, made in Italy.