St Christopher Holy Prayer Card - patron Saint for travellers

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St Christopher Holy Prayer Card

Laminated card
 9 x 5cm

Back of card

Saint Christopher
St. Christopher Carrying the Christ Child, by Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1485)
Born unknown
Canaan (Western accounts) or Marmarica (Eastern accounts)
Died c. 251
Asia Minor
Honored in Roman Catholicism
Eastern Orthodoxy
Oriental Orthodoxy
Feast 25 July (Latin Church) , 9 May (Eastern Churches)[1]
Attributes tree, branch, as a giant or ogre, carrying Jesus, spear, shield, as a dog-headed man
Patronage bachelors, transportation (drivers, sailors, etc.), travelling (especially for long journeys), storms, Brunswick, Saint Christopher's Island (Saint Kitts), Island Rab, Vilnius, epilepsy, gardeners, holy death, toothache