Saints for Young Readers for Everyday

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Saints for Young Readers for Everyday

Volume 1 - January to June

Our immensely popular Saints for Young Readers for Every Day is back—newly revised, updated, and better than ever! Each volume contains the life of a saint for every day of the year, from January through June in volume 1, and from July through December in volume 2.

These books offer stories of a wonderful array of saints and blesseds: women and men, teenagers and children, of every ethnicity, age, and situation of life imaginable. Young readers ages 9 to 11 will thrill to awe-inspiring tales of faith, courage, and love for God…and will vastly enjoy making a new friend every day!

Short, interesting biographies engage young readers
Entries include suggestions on how children can apply each saint’s story to their own everyday lives
Alphabetical index of saints
Charming black-and-white illustrations
Includes many newly beatified and canonized blesseds and saints.
Ages 9-13.