Our Lady of Tears Chaplet in Faux glass White Pearls

R 410,00
 Our Lady of Tears Chaplet in Faux glass White Pearls

Limited Edition

Our Speciality rosarys and chaplets are handmade in South Africa. We take care to ensure that these rosaries are UNIQUE in design.  Therefore we only have one listed rosary under our special rosaries, and usually a limited edition of our Chaplet design.  We also take pride in using good quality beads, chain, pins, center pieces and crucifix's. We make to order to your specific needs and requests.

We used 6mm faux glass white pearls.  Each pearl is capped with tiny silver plated elements, which in turn have tiny white glass sead beads on either side.  Medal imported - genuine "Our Lady of Tears Medal"

Measures 74cm in length
Presented in a box
Prayer sheet included

Next to the Most precious Blood of Jesus, there is nothing more touching and effective that the tears of Our heavenly Mother.  How many tears she shed on the Way of the Cross and when she stood beneath the Corss she shed bitter tears in preparation for the many insults her Divine Son He would receive in the future.  She wept bitter tears for the many souls who would not submit to the Commandments of God, and so would be lost forever.