Marble Statues

Earth Wind Fire - Marble
Elements spark bursts of passion, desire and solitude.  The element of solitude and beauty is earth.  From the depths of the seas and soil man retrieves the wonderful combinatons of nature and the chemistry of God.  Marble has always refected a deep sense of solitude and pride even to the extent of beauty and joy.  Its form gives us a sense of cleanliness and well being and thus has become a symbol of both life and death.  The many varieties of marble offer a glimpse into the art of nature and creation.  The rich lustre of its texture is a symbol and token that man has depth and quality as he or she reflects upon the beauty of the earth!  Cleanliness is next to Godliness and thus marble is a refection of the eternities and is a symbol of faith and hope.

Most products are photographed in "Cast Marble White".  However, all products are available in Bronze, Brass, Painted and Silver.  There would be a price difference.  Please email us on for a quote.

Should you wish to order these stunning products, please note that there is a lead time of +/- 10 working days. 
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Corpus - 68cm tall

R 4 162.00

Marble Dove

R 407.00