Joan of Arc Chaplet - "Howlite" semi precious stone

R 390,00
Joan of Arc Chaplet -
"Howlite" semi precious stone

Patron saint of Matyrs, soldiers, prisoners, women

Beautiful little chaplet  
We used Howlite 8mm beads.  Each bead is capped with a small silver plated flower cap, which in turn has tiny glass silver seed beads on either side.  The divisional beads are Howite crosses. 
Chaplet measures 33cm
The center piece is the Miraculous Medal
The medal of St John of Arc is Italian made.
Prayer and short history is included

Saint Joan of Arc

Miniature (15th century)[1]
Born 6 January c. 1412[2]
Domrémy, Duchy of Bar, France[3]
Died 30 May 1431 (aged approx. 19)
Rouen, Normandy
(then under English rule)
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Anglican Communion[4]
Beatified 18 April 1909, Notre Dame de Paris by Pope Pius X
Canonized 16 May 1920, St. Peter's Basilica, Rome by Pope Benedict XV
Feast 30 May
Attributes armor, banner, sword
Patronage France; martyrs; captives; military personnel; people ridiculed for their piety; prisoners; soldiers, women who have served in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service); and Women's Army Corps