God - Love, life and Sex - SACBC

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God  - Love, life and Sex - SACBC


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South Africa’s five metropolitan archbishops have released a new book, a response to the “most urgent pastoral priorities for the Church in Southern Africa”- marriage and family, faith formation of the laity, and youth ministry.

It is also an attempt to address the teaching of the encyclical letter of Paul VI, Humanae Vitae, concerning marriage and responsible family planning, offering more clarity, guidance and leadership.

“In 13 chapters if covers marriage, natural planning, the role of conscience, and asks the question: was Pope Paul VI right after all?” Ms Harrison said “It suggests good preparation for preventing marriage breakdown, addresses single unmarried parents and co-habiting couples, and abortion at euthanasia and suicide., the range of sexual abuse, woman in the likeness of God, people with the same sex attraction, and ends with living the truth in love – together.”

Archbishops Buti Tlhagale of Johannesburg, Stephen Brislin of Cape Town, William Slattery of Pretoria, Jabulani Nxumalo of Bloemfontein and Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban wrote the book because “all of us – including bishops – need ongoing faith formation to handle the many challenges we have to deal with as Christians in today’s world,” the bishops said in the book’s preface.

God, Love, Life and Sex also includes prayers and reflections and an extensive selected bibliography and informative endnotes, adding the possibility to open the door to real discussion, deeper reflection on the teaching of the magisterium and a more pastoral approach to the sacred scriptures, inviting a conversation around the controversial issues we face today.

“It could be very useful tool for a deeper consideration on love and an extended view on life,” Ms Harrison said. “It offers topical material for discussion groups and is a resource for RCIA, confirmation candidates, marriage preparation discussion groups, and a new perspective for priests, catechism teachers and youth leaders. The book is for the whole Church”

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