Drug Addiction Healing Angel Pocket / Handbag Stone

R 55,00
Drug Addiction Healing Angel Pocket / Handbag Stone

"May you find comfort and healing with an angel by your side"

Angels have long been synonomous with faith and guidance.  They can bring messages.  They celebrate joys and provide comfort during challenges.  Angels rom above reflect the qualities of the angels around us. The products are uniquely designed as a tangible means to share faith, express concern, open a dor to prayer and more.  Angels from Above touch the heart andhelp express how we feel about moments in our lives.

On the back of the Card - prayer

"Angel of Drug Addiction Healing, Guided by the Lord above, Wrap your gentle wings around me, Surround me with His Love.

Assist me in my healing, Give me guidance along the way. Calm my fears and worries, Throughout the day and night."

Blister carded
(c) 2009 Ellen Kamysz* Licensee Gifts of Faith

15.5cm x 7cm