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What to Do?

Forward by Pope Francis

"A Christian,who in these times is not a revolutionary, is no Christian."  Pope Francis

"Dear young friends!  Only conversion of heart can make our world, which is full of terror and violene, more humane.  And that means patience, justice, prudence, dialogue, integrity, solidarity with victims, the needy and the poorest, limitless dedication, love even nto death for the sake of other.  When you understand this quite deeply, then you can change the world as a committed Christian." Pope Francis

The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church

DOCAT, is a popular adaption of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, as it has been developed in important documents since Pope Leo X111.  Young people especially aught to take an interest in ready the major documents of the Church in original text and in guiding their actions by the maxims of truth, justice and charity that are contained in them.  Again and again Pope Francis challenges Christians to become activity involved in working for greater justice in the world.

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