Baby Altar candle-50 x 100mm - 50 per box - Wholesale


Baby Altar candle-50 x 100mm - 50 per box - Wholesale

Please note that our candles are on order.  We receive our stock on Friday's.  We will therefore ship/post your order on the following Monday, or as soon as we receive stock. We will keep you updated.

Altar Church Candles
From left to right



Burning Hours

Baby Altar

5 x 10 cm


1/2 Altar

5 x 20 cm


Medium Altar

5 x 14 cm


Square Thin

2 x 2 x 30cm


Stubby *

4 x 14 cm


Large Stubby *

4 x 26 cm


Medium Stubby *

4 x 20 cm


Colours of Candles

  • ·         Our candles are made using high quality German pigment designedspecifically for candles              and will not fade
  • ·         Candles can be ordered in plain colours, two tones and combinationof colours (combo's)
  • ·         Our metallic range are overdipped with highgloss lacquers which ensure a nondrip effect.
  • ·         White and plain colours are the same price.


·         Please contact us for a quote, should you wish to order any of the neon or metallic colour ranges at:

Colour Range

From L - R or from Outside to Inside


Black, Gray, Dark Green, Lime Green, Olive Green, Neon Green, Lemon Green, Mint, Turqoise, Baby Blue, Neon Blue, Navy, Royal Blue, Dark Purple, Lilac, Water Lilac, Baby Pink, Dusty, Neon Pink, ?, Red, Wine Red, Baby Orange, Dark Brown, Ice Cream, Terracotta, Yellow, ?, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Neon Orange, Dirty Cream, Ivory, Pearl, White


From L - R

Gold, Gold Brusched, Copper, Copper Brusched, Green, Red, Silver Brusched, Silver, White, Cream



From L - R

Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue