Aquinas Press - St Joseph Novena booklet - patron of Catholic Church, unborn children, fathers and workers

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Aquinas Press - St Joseph Novena booklet

Our Aquinas Press Novena book series offers completely illustration nine-day Novena's with special prayers to ten beloved saints.  In addition we offer Novenas to the Sacred Heart and the Divine Mercy and four Novena books in honour of Our Blessed Mother - all in an appealingly illustrated 24 page format.

Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph with the Infant Jesus by Guido Reni, c 1635.jpg
Saint Joseph with the Infant Jesus, Guido Reni (c. 1635)
Born Bethlehem,[1] c. 90 BC (according to non-canonical sources) [1]
Died Nazareth, July 20, 18 AD[1] (traditional)

March 19 - Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary (Western Christianity), May 1 - St Joseph the Worker (Roman Catholic Church),

The Sunday after the Nativity of the Lord (Eastern Christianity)
Attributes Carpenter's square or tools, the infant Jesus, staff with lily blossoms, two turtle doves, spikenard.
Patronage The Catholic Church, unborn children, fathers, immigrants, workers, against doubt and hesitation, and of a happy death, Vietnam, Philippines. Many others; see [3].

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