57cm Ornate Stand Crucifix - Cold Cast Bronze

SKU: cru312

57cm Ornate Stand Crucifix - Cold Cast Bronze

The Veronese flagship! A beautiful standing crucifix in lightly hand-painted cold cast bronze, 57cm / 22.5 inches.

57cm tall 
28cm wide

Condition: New

Manufacturer: Goldscheider of Vienna

What is Cold Cast Bronze:

The technique usedfor making items in cold cast bronze, involves blending bronze powder with epoxy designer resin to produce a material which is applied to the interior of a silicone mould. The mould is then filled with a blend of resin and bronze metal powder which are then left to set. The finished item has the look, cold feel and sometimes (although not always) the weight of a solid bronze piece. All in all, a cold cast bronze item produces a piece of art which looks the part at a fraction of the cost of a solid bronze.

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