2020 Missio SACBC Liturgical Calendar

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2020 Missio SACBC Liturgical Calendar

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Contains all the feast days

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YOUTH - The “Now” of the Church
In April 2019 the Pope released Christus Vivit (Christ is Alive), an exhortation or letter to Young People.
This exhortation should be read in conjunction with the Final Document on the Synod of Bishops on Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment held in October 2018. The Pope’s letter talks directly to the Youth in a clear and straightforward manner which is exactly what young people were requesting during the Synod.
Listen to the words of our Holy Father: “Do not let the world rob you of hope and joy or drug you into becoming a slave to their interests. I hope you will be serious enough about yourself to make an effort to grow spiritually” …“Along with all the other exciting things about youth, there is also the beauty of seeking righteousness, faith, love and peace”.
Pope Francis also addresses the burning issue of vocations. “In the end vocation is a recognition of why I was made. Why am I on earth. What is God’s plan for my life?”. The Pope is of the opinion that “we cannot just throw a document at young people and say “This is for you, read it”. Rather he says Adults, the Clergy, Religious and Parents must journey with the youth in terms of implementation.

This 2020 Calendar is an attempt to do just that, by
highlighting some of the issues raised at the Synod
and thereby hopefully stimulating discussion and debate. There is also a need to reflect on the issues and to propose some practical ways in which we can give life to these documents.

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