17.8cm St Michael the Archangel Stone Statue

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17.8cm St Michael the Archangel Stone Statue

17.8cm - stone


Angel of Protection against Satan

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Prince of Heavenly Host, Archangel, Saint
Venerated in All Christian denominationswhich venerate saints
Canonized Pre-Congregation
  • 8 November (New Calendar Eastern Orthodox Churches)
  • 21 November (Old Calendar Eastern Orthodox Churches)
  • 29 September("Michaelmas")
  • 8 May (Tridentine Calendar)
  • 12th of each month in Coptic calendar (Coptic Churches)
  • many other local and historical feasts
Attributes Archangel; Treading on a dragon; carrying a banner, scales, and sword
Patronage Protector of the Jewish people,[1] Guardian of the Catholic Church,[2] Vatican City,[3][4][failed verification]sickness[5]