1 meter 12cm x 64cm Infographic - All the Catholic Popes

1 meter 12cm x 64cm Infographic  - All the Catholic Popes 

From Apostle Peter (the Rock), as the first Pope, capped by Jesus of Nazareth in 33 AD, to the current pope more than 20 centuries later.  The past and the presenthistory are depicted here. 

1 meter 12xm wide x 64cm Infographic
Stunningly magnificient.

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This infographic represents the history of the Popes at a glace, depicting all the Popes with picture, birth name, period reigned, place of Birth and Pope name.  Information also includes the ten longest reigned Popes, how many were martyred, born in Africa or in the Middle East as well as the process of Canonization, becoming a Saint.